Infinity Behavioral is a start-up, outpatient mental health agency that was founded in December of 2015.  The agency has spent the latter part of a year in the infancy stage of small business.  Finally, it is time to implement the fundamentals and visions that are the core of Infinity Behavioral Systems modern approach to a happy, healthier being. 

Our Team

Carl Spicer

B.A. Psy. / MBA

Cynthia Mitchell, Psy.D, HSPP

Douglas Streich Psy.D, HSPP

Carl Spicer has many years of small business experience and will  assure that all members of Infinity Behavioral Systems will offer unique skill sets that will help facilitate the long-term personal success of all of our clients. 

Ruth Hagerty Psy.D, HSPP

Dr. Cynthia Mitchell is a licensed psychologist (Indiana, California) with more than 21 years of clinical psychology experience; an Adjunct Instructor with Purdue Northwest University, and a California Qualified Medical Evaluator for the Division of Worker’s Compensation. She received her B.A. (Cum Laude) from Holy Names University and her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute. Throughout the years, Dr. Mitchell has provided integrative psychotherapy to adults, couples, and families. Areas of training in psychotherapeutic intervention include Behavioral Medicine, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Management, Employee Assistance Program, Psychodynamic Therapies, Substance Use Disorders, and Trauma. Other areas of expertise include Aging & Elder issues, Clinical Assessment, Diversity issues, and Veterans’ issues. Dr. Mitchell has worked more than 10 years working in Corrections with five of those years as a Senior Psychologist, Supervisor. Her efforts and commitment earned her an award for Exceptional Leadership and Coordination in 2011. In addition, she is a certified Health Service Psychologist with the National Register. When she has some down time, Dr. Mitchell enjoys playing with her grandsons, traveling, and cooking cuisines from around the world.

Walter Pintal Psy.D,HSPP

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